MANDALA ® Vision:

The vision of a long term sustainable earth for billions of people is multi-fold and can only be realised with the contribution of millions of creative scientists, engineers and civilians of good-will.
The purpose of MANDALA ® is to be the knowledge accelerator stimulating progress between the innovative scientists and engineers on the one hand and all other actors such as decisions-makers, politicians, projects leaders and artisans on the other hand.

MANDALA ® Mission:

As an accelerator of knowledge and stimulator of progress, MANDALA ® aspires:
– To network the best minds and experts across the world, producing up-to-date actionable insights, methods, recommendations and advice for its clients, i.e. leaders, decision makers and professionals that implement solutions that contribute to a long term sustainable world.
– To ensure that the production of insights, methods, recommendations and advice happens according to the scientific methods of research and independently of commercial interests.
– To ensure that the artefacts for the leaders, decision makers and professionals are easily accessible, readable and implementable. The artefacts come in different formats, such as internet-accessible documents, presentations, workshops and face-to-face or videoconference
meetings between experts and clients.
– To expand the domains of expertise.